Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Your Movie Camera and How to Use It

title card, film, movie camera, 1948, black & white
1948 instruction film for movie cameras
Once upon a time, before digital video cameras, even before videotape camcorders, people used movie cameras to capture precious moments. In order to use one of these, the operator had to load it with film onto which the the subject(s) would be recorded as a series of sequential images. It then had to be taken to a film developer before you could view it with a film projector. This was the beginning of home movies, where countless hours of badly shot and edited film were shown to a captive audience of relatives.

Thankfully, this instructional video was produced to try and educate users on how to improve their filming technique which hopefully resulted in higher quality film footage.

Although much has changed in this digital era, many of the tips in this video can still be applied today. So the next time you want to record your cat on video doing whatever cats do and uploading it to YouTube, consider using some of those tips.

With any luck and dedication, you just might become the next Steven Spielberg rather than Ed Wood.

Focusing lens
Read your movie camera owner's instruction manual

Follow advice
Become friends with your tripod

Compose the scene
Setting the speed indicator

A bipod and tripod working together
Eyes and camera lenses are very similar

Enjoying a home movie through a film projector

The neighbour forgot to close the blinds
Hold camera steady

Do they make alligator skin cameras?
Use both hands for a steady pan shot

Adjusting focus
Fixed focus lens

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