Wednesday, December 18, 2013

MANCLAM, The Shell From Hell!
MANCLAM movie poster by Huw Evans (purchase here)

If you enjoy a good pun or even a bad one for that matter, then you might enjoy this "lost" movie. From writer, producer and director Huw Evans, comes MANCLAM, The Shell From Hell!

According to the official Man Clam website, the 1962 monster movie was presumed lost until a damaged copy was discovered from an old theater. Salvaged footage was cut together to produce this trailer.

Verdict: MANCLAM is filled with delicious puns that will have you roaring with laughter or reeling in horror. I am part of the former. It's also a great spoof of old black & white movies that had almost all of their characters smoking cigarettes. I can think of worse ways to spend five minutes.

Note: Evans makes an appearance as the doctor

Huw Evans also makes an appearance in this fictional commercial for the equally fictional Lord Loads-O-Gravy restaurants. tastes so brown goin' down!

Also making its second appearance is the kitchen from MANCLAM.

Lord Loads-o-Gravy Logo by *Huwman on deviantART


  1. Hey, did I know you put this all together? It's great. Thanks a lot!

  2. No, I never mentioned it, so you wouldn't have known until you stumbled upon it. I guess you stumbled upon it!

    You're welcome. It was fun writing about it.


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