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Drive-Ins & Drawings with Karli

Commissions caricature
Karli in cartoon form
Karli Melder is a student animator and cartoonist who likes to draw whimsical doodles of people with front butts. I first found out about Karli on tsū but it wasn't until I happened to be reading some of her posts on Twitter and Tumblr that I realized she sometimes worked at a drive-in movie theater. Most of those posts were in the form of a doodle depicting her in her uniform and work environment. I thought that was very cool since there aren't many drive-ins around anymore. I messaged her on tsū and asked her if she would like to do a short interview about her work experience at a drive-in and she kindly accepted. Most of the questions were asked over a period of a couple of weeks.

At the time of my request, there was no drive-in theater in my area. Little did I know one would open up just weeks later not far from where I live. How cool and coincidental is that?

She was also nice enough to draw her version of the Movie Vigilante with herself, enjoying popcorn and a movie.

Enjoy the interview.

1. What is the name of the drive-in where you worked and where is it located? 

 Karli: It's the Goodrich Quality Theater drive-in, in Huntington, Indiana!

2. Why did you work only one weekend?

Karli: Well, I ordinarily work for the regular theater, but that weekend was a triple feature, so they needed extra help, and I got signed up! (editor's note: she has since worked more shifts at the drive-in)

3. Triple feature? Awesome! Do you remember what movies were playing? 

Karli: I think so... I can't remember the first, but the second one was Mad Max, and the last was The Longest Ride. It was crazy! I worked until about 2am each of those nights because the movies went on for so long! They started at sundown and didn't get out until even after I had left and concessions has closed down!

4. What was your job at the drive-in?

Karli: I actually just covered someone's shift at the drive-in tonight!! The jobs vary, you move around a lot. I did everything from manning the register, taking/ filling orders for customers, using the deep fryer, or even making pizza!

5. Checking the Goodrich Quality Theaters website, I see the Huntington Twin Drive-In. So if my math is correct, it has two screens. Correct? 

Karli: Yeah it does!

6. Have you ever visited the drive-in as a customer to watch a movie?

Karli: Nope, unfortunately
7. I saw some of your fun, theater-themed napkin doodles. Would you consider that your disposable drawing series and have you received any feedback about them? 

Karli: I guess it is a series of sorts! I never thought about it like that! I haven't really received any critiques, if that's what you mean, but people really seem to like them. The Jurassic World doodles I made have over 300 notes on Tumblr; I still can't believe that!!
8. You mentioned in a Tumblr post that you love your job, which you don't often hear. What is it that you love about it? 

Karli: I'm extremely extroverted, so I love talking to customers! It's always so fun to get them their food and ring them up on the register; most people are really nice, and if I have time, I love getting to know them a little bit! My coworkers and managers are also fantastic, and most everyone gets along! I'm the kind of person who can have fun doing most anything, and it's satisfying to me when I know I've done a good job

9. Do they still play the old animated intermission ads at the drive-in? 

Karli: I'm unsure, I'm usually busy serving food to customers during the intermission to notice. I think I saw it up there once, though!

10. What are three of your favourite drive-in snacks?  

Karli: Besides popcorn, I love the pretzels, cheeseburgers, and naturally, the hot dogs! When I gotta make the hot dogs I always say "alright men, let's roll out!" before I put them on the rolling hot dog cooker :P

This is just one of several short animation videos by Karli that you can watch on her YouTube channel. They are mostly to show her progress as a student animator. I'm not sure what TV show or movie that is the young lovers are watching butt it looks interesting.

Gill-man gets a front butt courtesy of Karli. I'm not sure how menacing The Creature from the Black Lagoon would be if this was how he appeared in the classic film. I think he would just end up making an ass of himself.

Thank you very much, Karli, for taking the time to answer my questions. You can see more of Karli's drawings and animated videos by following her on any of her social media profiles that are linked in her Tumblr post above. She also has a Spreadshirt store where you can buy t-shirts with her doodles.

Don't forget to support your local drive-in, everyone!

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