Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Santa Claus (1959)

When it comes to bizarre Santa Claus movies I don't know which is more bizarre between Santa Claus Conquers the Martians and this Mexican one simply titled Santa Claus.

In a battle of good versus evil, Lucifer sends one of his henchman, a devil called Pitch, to corrupt the children in Mexico and turn them against Santa Claus. Santa observes this from his castle in the sky but is unable to do anything as he can only visit Earth one day a year, that being Christmas Eve. Once that day comes, Santa and Pitch attempt to outsmart each other. Pitch is determined to stop Santa Claus from delivering Christmas presents using every devilish trick up his red sleeve but Saint Nick has tricks of his own (thanks to Merlin the Wizard and Vulcan the blacksmith) and is equal to the task.

As this is a children's movie from 1959 that's been dubbed from Spanish to English, you will probably find it quite dull. This is especially true during the interminable opening scenes in which Santa Claus plays the organ and introduces the children and different nation of the world. I thought it would never end.

Once Santa arrives on Earth, it gets a little more entertaining but not by much. Keep in mind that this is meant for kids so adjust your expectations accordingly.

Some unusual things that this Santa Claus has are:
  • an observatory that seems like it was built by Dr. Seuss
  • toy reindeer that he needs to wind up
  • sleeping powder
  • a magic flower
  • the abilities of Mary Poppins
  • a fear of dogs
  • a large organ
Santa Claus might not be a great movie or even a good one but it is one hell of a movie.

title cardSanta Claus
José Elías Moreno Santa Claus
José Elías Moreno Santa Claus
Armando ArriolaÁngel Di Stefani
José Luis AguirreJosé Luis Aguirre
José Luis AguirreJosé Luis Aguirre
José Elías MorenoJosé Elías Moreno
José Elías MorenoJosé Elías Moreno
Santa ClausSanta Claus

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