Sunday, January 31, 2016

"Manos Returns: The Link to Donate"

Tom Neyman as The Master
"Manos will be served!"
If you're familiar with this blog, then you know that Manos: The Hands of Fate is a guilty pleasure of mine. Ever since I watched it for the first time, I was obsessed with finding out as much as I could about its history. I love all things related to Manos. Therefor, it should come as no surprise that when Jackey Neyman Jones launched a Kickstarter campaign to make a sequel called Manos Returns, I immediately backed it and started spreading the word.

In the past, I've been inspired to create my own tributes to Manos, including a mockumentary of a documentary, a Christmas spoof, a movie poster and several parody videos with Torgo. So as you can see, my love for Manos is genuine. 

The greatest thing about Manos Returns is that The Master himself approves, as you'll see at the end in the campaign video. Tom Neyman will appear in the sequel. From the projects description, it sounds like Diane Mahree (Magaret) will also be in it.

Also appearing will be the puppets from Manos: The Hands of Felt. I sure hope they do a better job than ThanksKilling did with its poorly-conceived sequel filled with puppets, which was also crowdfunded.

Don Dohler regular and one of my favourite B-movie actors, George Stover will also make an appearance in the movie.

The campaign's goal is to raise at least $24,000 in 31 days, pledged by .

Some of the rewards include:

  • a newly-recorded digital download of song "Forgetting You" by Nicki Mathis
  • your name in the credits
  • 11x14 poster print of The Master painting, signed by Jackey Neyman Jones
  • DVD of finished film
  • signed script
  • signed copy of Jackey's book, " Growing Up with Manos: the Hands of Fate"
  • a prop replica of Torgo's staff
  • a 20 second outgoing voicemail message by The Master (Tom Neyman)
  • be an extra in the movie
  • dinner party with the cast
  • walk-on role with a line in the movie
For more details about the rewards, visit the campaign page on Kickstarter.

To make this movie permanent like The Master, donate to the campaign. Forgetting Manos is a thing that you cannot do.

Manos Returns also has an official Zazzle store where you can purchase various products such as this wall decal. Other items available include The Master's image on a deck of playing cards, neck ties, wrist watches, key chains, charm bracelets and even cookies and brownies.

Have a look at this 50th anniversary promo video for Manos: The Hands of Fate that draws inspiration from Star Wars. Be forewarned, the Master will stare into your soul.

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