Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Reptilicus Day

Reptilicus for the Rest of Us! Reptilicus Day!

If you haven't heard of this holiday it's because I just made it up, much like Frank Costanza made up Festivus on an episode of Seinfeld.

The idea came to me when I grew bored of the endless string of bloated, boring, blockbuster movies that have saturated theaters in recent years. I wanted something that celebrates the joy of watching a cheesy, B-movie no matter how bad it may be.

A New Holiday is Born

Reptilicus Day is a celebration of all B-movies, not just for its namesake.

Reptilicus Trailer


Why Reptilicus?

I chose Reptilicus to represent the holiday for the following reasons:
  • it rhymes with the motto "for the rest of us"
  • it was recently riffed on the latest season of MST3K
  • it has international appeal (Denmark and North America)
  • it was recently released on Blu-ray by Shout! Factory
  • it's about a giant, flying reptile ('nuff said)


When is Reptilicus Day Celebrated? 

Reptilicus was released Feb 20, 1961 in Denmark and also Feb. 21, 1962 in America. Therefor it can be celebrated on either day or both. Ideally, it would be a two-day festival with lots of activities. Since the creature in the film is a giant reptile that regenerates itself, it's only fitting that the holiday regenerates itself after the first day.


How is Reptilicus Day Celebrated?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • two day B-movie film festival bookended by both versions of Reptilicus
  • a parade which features a large Reptilicus balloon
  • have a 21 military tank salute (which shoots down the parade balloon)
  • singing the official Reptilicus theme song, "Tilicus"
  • watching the MST3K version
  • enjoying a delicious meal of electric eel
  • serving traditional Danish and American dishes for dinner
  • enjoying frozen treats in the shape of Reptilicus' tail
  • getting a Reptilicus tattoo (real or temporary)
You are not limited to these suggestion. Use your imagination and come up with some of your own.

Historic Moment

Here is the historic moment when Frank Costanza got the bright idea to invent a new holiday called Reptilicus. It also appears as if he is summoning the creature from the deep to do his evil bidding and Kramer is his Igor.

Reptilicus T-Shirt and Hat


Have a Happy Reptilicus Day! 

How will you celebrate it?

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