Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hey Guy! Wanna See an 'Undergrads' Movie?

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Rocko, Nitz, Gimpy & Cal may have a movie in their future
When last we saw the gang from Undergrads, it was at the end of its freshman year at State U & Teckerson Tech. As the guys looked forward to sophomore year, Rocko had plans for the click to live together in a house. However, those plans quickly unraveled. Cal decided he wanted to continue living in the dorms and become an RA. Gimpy planned to live on an abandoned, offshore, anti-aircraft deck with his minion, Mump. Meanwhile, Nitz was unsure if he would be returning to college.

If you need a refresher course on the final episode, here it is.

The episode ends with the words, 2880 HOURS UNTIL SOPHOMORE YEAR.

Twelve years later, fans of the show are still waiting for sophomore year because Undergrads was cancelled after a single season of 13 episodes. We never find out what becomes of the guys. We never find out if Nitz and Kimmy Burton start dating or if Jessie and him hook up. Heck, let's not rule out a threesome. We never get any closure.

All of that maybe about to change.

Undergrads' creator Pete Williams has joined Twitter and started a Facebook campaign to rally fans and get them to show support for bringing back the show in some form.

Williams, along with writers Josh Cagan and Andy Rheingold, talks about bringing back Undergrads on My So Called 8Bit Life.

He was also interviewed on Guys With Pencils.

Williams  has attempted to get a second season produced for several years without any success. Much of the problem lies in the fact he does not own the rights to the series and must get permission and financing from the rightful owners, MTV and DHX, before he can proceed. He hopes to show that there is enough interest from fans to convince them both to continue the story and give it a proper ending. That could mean a second season of the TV series or a one-time movie that will pick up where the characters left off in season one. It's possible Williams will turn to Kickstarter for help. 

The idea for Undergrads was born when Pete Williams entered a contest that had been advertised in an animation magazine. He decided to use himself and his friends as characters who form a click. Williams animated a short pencil test with each character introducing himself. He also voiced each of them. He won the contest which led to developing "The Click" into a TV series. Unfortunately, that also meant relinquishing ownership of his creation.

There you have it, Undergrads fans. It's up to us now. I've written this entry to spread the word because I'm a fan of the show and would like to see it get some closure. The only way to get a second season produced (or a movie) is to be vigilant. That means "liking" the Bring Back Undergrads Facebook page, tweeting about it on Twitter with #BringBackUnderGRADS hashtag (follow Pete Williams), recording a YouTube video of yourself explaining why you want Undergrads to come back and buying a DVD copy of the show. Sure, you could watch all the episodes on YouTube for free, but that won't help the cause. Both Family Guy and Futurama were brought back from cancellation after DVD sales increased after the shows stopped producing new episodes. This convinced the networks to produce new episodes. The same could happen with Undergrads if we're persistent.

So I'm asking you to join the vigilante movie mob by taking action and making this happen!

What would you like to see more; a full second season or a movie of Undergrads?

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