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Teen Wolf's Kristina Hagerty Exposes the Truth

Teen Wolf extra (Fan #2) interview
Kristina (Kris) Hagerty
About a year ago, I wrote an article about the urban legend concerning the 1985 movie, Teen Wolf, starring Michael J. Fox. This is a follow up to that post so I suggest you read that first before reading this.

This post came about when Kris Hagerty left a detailed comment on my original story, a couple of months ago. She was unaware that I had tried to contact her for the first story for a possible interview, so this was a fortunate break. If you read the comments and replies, you can see for yourself that I seized the opportunity to ask her again and she graciously agreed.

If you're reading this hoping that the mystery of the movie extra in Teen Wolf has finally been solved, then I hate to disappoint you. That case is still open. Kristina is not the spectator who's pants were unbuttoned with the zipper down, fumbling to zip them back up. She was a different extra in a few other scenes. We still don't know who that mystery female flasher is. Yes it's a girl, not a guy. That much I'm sure of. I don't care if there is a man claiming to be the one who was caught with his pants down. That's who we're going to bust right now.

Had the guy who was interviewed on the radio station used some random name, he might have gotten more people to believe him. I still wouldn't have believed it because I'm not blind. However, some people fall for those kind of stories.

The problem is he didn't use some random name. He claimed he was Kris Hagerty, who was credited as Fan #2 in the film. There's a couple things wrong with that. One is the girl who had the wardrobe malfunction was uncredited and more importantly, a girl!. The second is the real Kris Hagerty came forward. *Gasp!*

She not only came forward, she shot holes in the impostor's story and voiced her displeasure with the radio interviewers. You'll also see that she appeared in other movies too which she discussed and talks a little about her current job. She does all of this in an interview I conducted with her via email.

The Power Trip Morning Show (KFAN FM 100.3) Impostor Interview

First, have a listen to the impostor's radio interview. Although I've posted this interview before in Ri-dickless Rumour, I'm posting it here for your convenience. This interview used to be found on KFAN's website but seems to have been removed. Fortunately I found it on an anonymous account on Soundcloud which I assume belongs to the radio station. I still maintain that the radio show's interviewers are incredibly gullible or are stringing the listeners along. If they were duped, a minimal amount of research by whoever scheduled the interview would have tipped them off. Notice that the real Kris Hagerty has left a critical comment for the user.

Now read the following real story.

Kristina (Kris) Hagerty Interview - The Real One

When did you become aware that an extra in Teen Wolf had an apparent wardrobe malfunction?

Kris Hagerty
Kristina Hagerty
Kris Hagerty (in pink) buying t-shirt from Stiles (Jerry Levine)
Oh lord...I really have no idea exactly. I believe it may be around the same time as I discovered some guy was claiming to be me and the one who was exposed in the movie (Teen Wolf). Occasionally, since becoming a Tattoo Artisan I will 'Google' my name to see what comes up. I also do this as I was a West Coast Swing instructor, competitor and performer and some videos are out there of me swing dancing and I like to see if there is anything else new that I can see and have fond
memories of.

Kris Hagerty (in blue) sitting beside Lorie Griffin (in pink)
Anyways, upon this one search I came across some article headline and I can't remember the exact title now (it has since been removed) something to the effect of 'Kris Hagerty the extra that exposed himself in Teen Wolf'. But in the description it mentioned 'Kris Hagerty' credited as Fan#2 in the movie Teen Wolf had exposed his penis in the bleacher scene of the movie is interviewed. I immediately clicked on the link and it sent me to Power Trip - KFAN Radio website. As I began reading I felt myself getting upset and even insulted. I couldn't believe what I was reading let alone the audio file of the actual interview. The radio personalities didn't once explain how they came to find this person or even verified he was who he claimed to be, which of course was a lie and this radio station's credibility was just flushed down the toilet in my opinion. One, I am the Kris Hagerty who was in the film and very much female. And two, the scene they talked about and the person exposing themselves was also VERY MUCH female. That's when I wrote a comment on their page demanding a retraction because it was a fraudulent interview and the guy was not me. As you know I got no reply, surprise. But they did remove it. I also left a comment on the Soundcloud audio, saying it was fraudulent. My take is that, the guy who claimed he was me wanted his 5 minutes of fame. Of course what fame as he isn't Kris Hagerty. And/or the radio station didn't want to make the effort to actually do the research and sold out to rumor and just played that card by hiring someone to act like he was 'Kris Hagerty'. I don't think they bargained for the REAL Kris Hagerty to step forward and her being female!

Teen Wolf T-shirt
Buy a What Are You Looking At Dicknose t-shirt

Why do you think that extra had her pants unbuttoned and unzipped?

You know, there have been so many people wondering as to why that even happened, the exposing. I can really answer that question quickly and simply. Back then girls (including myself) would wear their pants so tight, they would need to lay down in order to zip them up. Standing and moving around, it's not that bad. However, when you are sitting on hardwood bleachers for hours upon hours, they get uncomfortable and anyone having been in the movie business knows it's a *hurry up and wait* gig. I had seen a few girl extras unzipping their pants in between takes and then zipping up when we were about to shoot. I believe that was what happened. Her pants were uncomfortable, she unzipped them. It was about 3-4 a.m. that night the scene was shot and we were all pretty tired, some were even falling asleep between takes, so she was probably not quite awake and coherent not realizing they had yelled action. I mean if you watch that section of the film you can see her look surprised and caught off guard.

By the way, those screen shots are awesome and bring back so many memories as if it were yesterday! I've included a shot of the Killer Workout cover art that was on the VHS Box, I'm circled in red.

Did you go see Teen Wolf in a theater when it was released?

I don't recall it ever having been in the theater. I actually was invited to the cast/crew preview premiere, so I saw it on the big screen there. I don't remember where it was, it was a very small and quaint group and the theater was small. I was the only person out of the extras who was invited. It might have been at a movie studio theater.

I also attended the rap party (again, the only extra). The whole film was a great and fond memory of mine. Michael J Fox and I made friends during filming and we would often sit and chat between takes. Funny thing, he constantly was sizing me up. He kept asking me how tall I was, then would stand in front of me to see how we sized up to one another. Not real sure why. I have my speculation but it is only that, speculation. He even introduced me to his then girlfriend, Nancy McKeon one day when she visited the set. He also let my mom and I use his trailer. I wish I could find a direct contact to him as I would love to talk with him again and thank him once more.

I was originally suppose to be a dragon cheerleader, but then Michael pulled me out of the crowd to give me a line in the movie.

dance scene
Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Teen Wolf dance scene
It was during the dance/prom or whatever it was, scene. The asst. director put me in the back so I wasn't really seen since I was the opposing teams cheerleader and wasn't suppose to be there but they needed people. I remember it very clearly. Michael came through the crowd appearing to be looking for something. He spotted me and said "there you are! I've been looking all over for you!" And grabbed my hand and led me up to where the camera was. He said "I'm going to give you a line in the movie, is that OK?" I was shocked and replied, "of course its OK! Thank you!" The line was just before he turns into the wolf and everyone is circled around him and Boof, chanting "wolf,wolf,wolf".

The line was "come on Scott, do the wolf!" Then right after Boof (Susan) says, "your public is calling you." Or something similar. As you know that line was cut. I have my speculations as to why but I won't go into that. But I had gotten Taft-Hartley and got my SAG (Screen Actors Guild) card. I still get royalties from the film.

I had made friends with all the cast and crew, including the producer Scott Rosenfelt. In fact, one night during filming in the gymnasium, it would get extremely hot with the huge lights on. So in between takes they would open the doors. One guy was doing this, running from one end to the other. I wasn't in the scene but loved to watch the whole process. So I helped out by opening the furthest set of doors and closing them when they were ready. The last day of shooting Scott called me into the office he was using at the gymnasium and told me he was paying me extra for helping out and manning the doors and doing other things that helped during filming. Though I was an extra in the film, they often used me as a stand in for lighting or saying lines off camera to the actors who were on camera. The scene where Stiles is talking to Scott, the scene with the T-shirts. The shots are switching between Jerry and Michael. When it shows Jerry, I was actually reading Michael's lines to him and when it shows Michael, I am reading Jerry's lines to him. Michael would help me to read them better and giving me pointers.

The extras would receive box lunches as the cast and crew ate off a hot truck. One day when we were having lunch, Scott walked by and saw me and asked why I was eating a box lunch and I told him that was what we got. He said, "come on, you're not eating that crap. From now on you're eating with us over here." He walked my mom and I over to the hot truck and told them to give us anything we want and that we would be eating there from now on. He then told me that if anyone gave me a problem about it to send them to him. So, everyday I ate with the cast and crew and sometimes in Michael's trailer with him. Of course, the other extras were none too happy about it.

Another clear shot of me in the film is during the party scene. I am right behind Michael cheering. They used me a lot in the film, and if you watch you can see me in the back walking up stairs looking back at Michael and Susan. Hallway when Michael walks down as the wolf for the first time. House
House party scene from Teen Wolf
Kris Hagerty standing behind Mark Holton & Michael J. Fox
party in various places.

Funny story about that end scene. Mark Holton aka Chubby and I were chit chatting and before the end scene where they hoisted him and Michael up and then they put them down. Mark came up to me and asked if it would be OK if when they put him down he could grab me and give me a kiss for the camera. I still haven't been able to find it in that scene as things are moving and busy. We were just below Boof and Scott's dad and the camera was high on a crane.
If you see us, let me know, lol!

I have never watched Family Guy, so I didn't know about that. And that end scene is so busy its difficult to really see anything but what was framed up to be seen.

You are credited as Fan #2, I assume, because you are one of the two girls buying t-shirts from Stiles. However, looking at the cast credits on IMDb, I don't see anyone credited as Fan #1. Do you know the name of the other girl in that scene with you and if she was credited?

Actually, that's incorrect. Usually, if someone is credited it's because they had a line or a significant part without lines. I was credited because I was given a line regardless if it was cut out of the final film. The other girl credited was actually the one that played the beaver, the team's mascot. She has the line in the diner, "So, how does it feel?" or something similar, then Michael, as the wolf, bites into a can. That is the reason we were both credited, we were given lines. Her name is Tanna Herr. She isn't credited as a fan but as the beaver. I don't recall the girl's name at the t-shirt stand. She was just an extra that was directed to do it.

What was the process of you getting the job in Teen Wolf?

Well, that's being in the right place at the right time.

Teen Wolf
Tony's Liquor in Teen Wolf  - "Give me... a keg... of beer"
My mother, my best friend and I were at a burger joint in the town I grew up in getting something to eat. It was around 8 pm or so. Across the street was a liquor store. We noticed they were filming. My friend saw and recognized Michael, so we walked over to see what they were filming. Of course they are always secretive. I started talking to Jerry Levine and he was saying we should try to get on the film as an extra. Michael came over and Jerry introduced us and told him I wanted to see if they needed extras. Michael disappeared and then came back with a name and number to call. The scene they were shooting was when Michael goes in to ask for a keg.

The next day I called and was sent to the school where they were shooting the next day. That's how I ended up getting in the movie.
Jerry Levine was such a great guy and Michael was awesome, so down to earth. He had told me once during our talks that someone had given him a chance in the industry and he wanted to pay it forward. And he appreciated that I wasn't all starstruck like everyone usually was, that I treated him like a normal person as he was. I am so very grateful to everything he had done for me then and his friendship during filming.

Had you been aware of Michael J. Fox from Family Ties? Were you a fan of that TV show?

I was aware of Michael J fox and did watch his show, it was one of my favorite shows actually. But as I said before, I have never been starstruck. They are just regular people who have a job where millions of people see them. They get paid a lot of money doing what they love to do.

How old were you at the time of filming?

I was around 18-19 yo.

Where was the movie shot?

The liquor store was in Tujunga, Ca. and the party house was in Pasadena and the school I think was in LA somewhere.

Based on what can be seen on screen, do you think it would warrant that extra not getting hired for more film work as the KFAN impostor suggested? In other words, would something like that get an actor blacklisted?

In my opinion, that was all a put-on as it's obvious he had to say something as to some reason they hadn't seen or heard of *that* Kris Hagerty (the imposter) he wasn't in the film and if he lied again and said some film people would then go look and it then would come out he was lying. Additionally, because he wasn't who he said he was and had to think of something to explain it the reason no one could see him in any other films. The radio personalities were really off their game as the video clearly shows it's a woman and not a man.
If that actually happened, what important film casting director or producer would pay that much attention to an extra in the background or what he was doing?! I don't feel, if that had actually happened, that it would make any difference whether or not it increased or decreased the chances of getting more or less work.

Kris Hagerty (circled in red) in Killer Workout aka Aerobicide

Killer Workout aka Aerobicide
Kris Hagerty in Killer Workout
I just watched Killer Workout for the first time, a few days ago. You had more screen time in that than you did in Teen Wolf. Do you have fond memories of that film?

Yeah, it was a pretty B-movie. I think the screen time equals out, but it seems more in Killer Workout due to the close up shots. I got credit in that film as well as an aerobics dancer, you can see it in the end credits. I actually casted for one of the leads in Killer Workout, the part of the aerobics teacher and I had it until they asked if I would do nudity, topless. I said no. But the director liked me so he used me in a lot of the scenes. It's a fond memory sure, but Teen Wolf will always be the number one for me, because of the friendships.

Kris Hagerty in Killer Workout

Danger Bostleg Tournament - Aerobicide (aka Killer Workout) 1986 from ease on Vimeo.
movie :
music : 4h30 - Danger's EP (09/17 2007)

According to, you were also in How I Got Into College. What was your role in that?

Yes I was, I played a clone. The scene where Lara Flynn Boyle goes to the dean's office and all the girls are dressed just like her. It was filmed at Doheny Mansion in Hollywood. I was one of the girls that sat next to Lara (I was on her left I believe).

That was a fun location, I talked with Anthony Edwards. One day I was waiting for a scene and sitting on the entry steps when Harold Ramis came in to see Anthony Edwards. They were filming Anthony's scene so Harold sat down with me and we talking for a while.

Stop the presses! You talked to Egon Spengler?! That is very cool. I always identified with that character and the many others that Harold played. I'm also working on a tribute blog post for Harold. He was a very gifted comedy writer, actor and director. I was shocked and sad to hear about his death. Do you remember what you and he talked about?
Lol! He was such a nice a d down-to-earth guy! No ego, very sweet! I too was shocked and sad about his death.
Egon Spengler
Harold Ramis as Egon Spengler
He asked me what I was doing in the film for one. And because I have always been the type of person that isn't starstruck, I asked how he was and how his day was going. Of course I did say I admired his skill and talent. But he said it was refreshing to talk to someone that talked to him in a normal conversation. He half jokingly said he liked that I wasn't kissing his ass or trying to sweet talk him into helping my career. He said it was nice to talk with someone about just everyday things outside of film. It was a very pleasant conversation. One if the extras saw him and went all nuts and asked for a picture of him and he whispered to me, "see, like that." I laughed and he told the girl that she could, only if I could be in it with him. The girl wasn't happy about it. But he put his arm around me and she took the picture. Anthony Edwards was finished and waved to Harold, he hugged me and said he really enjoyed our chat and thanked me.

He was truly a sweetheart!

Tuff Turf
Kim Richards & Kristina Hagerty
I was able to spot you in Tuff Turf. What was your role and what are your memories of that movie?

I was a server in the country club scene. I was originally just background but the director picked me out to be a server and then offer Olivia (Barash) hors d' oeuvres.
It was interesting....James Spader, Kim Richards and Robert Downey Jr. We're all very young. Unfortunately then, they all seemed to have big egos as well. None of them were friendly to anyone except each other. But they were young. I have heard Robert Downey Jr. has since been humble and more down to earth. Not sure about the rest of them. lists several other credits for you. What was the last film you worked on?

Harmony and Melody was the last film. Independent film still in the editing process. I played a girl in a bar, who was competing with her girlfriend on who could get a guy quicker.

Is acting something you continue to pursue?

Not so much anymore as things in my life steered me in another direction. But I do think about doing it again.

Is it true you're a tattoo artist now?

Yes it is quite true, for about 6 1/2 years now. And for the first time in my life, I LOVE my job!

Are there any examples of your tattoo art online that we can check out?
My Facebook page: Kristina (Kris) Hagerty.
A lot of my drawings and art are also in my albums.

You were also a competitive swing dancer. Can you tell me how long you did that for and more about the 1995 U.S. Open Street Swing?
Not sure what that has to do with Teen Wolf lol but....I was a teacher, competitor and performer of West Coast Swing for 7 1/2 years, traveling all over the country. I won and placed in several contests. Won 1st place with my partner Sonny Watson in the Dallas dance competition in 1995, I believe. The above mentioned contest, I placed 5th with Sonny.

To find out more on Sonny Watson you can just go to his site, There is also a video of Sonny and I dancing but unfortunately I believe it got blocked. There is another at a place that we use to do our weekly dance. We are the first couple.

female background extra with pants undone
Teen Wolf female extra
There you have it. Not only does Kristina expose the impostor using her name, she also offers the best theory as to what might have been the reason for the unbuttoned jeans scene. All the other stories are just sensationalistic speculation that get all the attention. For my money, I'll take the word of an insider who's appeared in several movies and not some voice on a radio station who claims his acting career was ended prematurely by his ill-chosen time to adjust his underwear.

blonde female extra in Teen Wolf
Female extra (yellow oval) with problem pants
In either case there is no teen peen to be seen so if you want to claim there is one, you either need to have your eyes checked or a lesson in human anatomy. That or you're just a troll or you don't realize that Family Guy is yanking your crank.

Teen Wolf

I want to thank Kristina for agreeing to do this interview and taking the time to answer all my questions. Thanks to her for also providing me with the photo you see at the top of this post. It was a pleasure corresponding with her over the course of a few weeks. She was courteous and candid and I wish her nothing but good luck in all her future endeavours.

If you're looking for some fun 80's movies to watch, why not pop some corn and check out some of the ones mentioned in this post. It's not a bad way to relax after a killer workout.


  1. Hey buddy, I'm sure you spent a lot of time on this, but you know it was a joke on KFAN's part, right? Seem's you might be the gullible one....

  2. Kristina HagertyMay 5, 2014 at 8:09 PM

    Dear ADA,

    Well Since it involved MY NAME, Kris Hagerty...The Jokes on you since legal action could be taken on the slander side of my name yes? When you play a joke it is suggested you research the names and make sure that the name you are using doesn't belong to someone or someone who will that WILL come forward. I would suggest to make a retraction that it was indeed a joke, the guy claiming to be Kris Hagerty, isn't who he said he was, and apologies made to me for using my name without permission and slandering it. And remove the Soundcloud audio clip as well.

    Thank you.
    ~(Kristina (Kris Hagerty)

  3. "Seem's."

    Nice english.



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