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Teen Wolf: Ri-dickless Rumour

teen wolf
Teen Flasher?

It's time to file my first report on a cinematic crime in which a specific behaviour must be beaten up. I mean beaten up real good! Today's entry involves the urban legend concerning the movie, Teen Wolf. A lot of simpletons have been spreading this rumour like peanut butter on bread and its time I took the law into my own hands and crammed some facts down their virtual throats.

I think you'll find all you need to know in my report.


  • Crime: claiming an extra in Teen Wolf exposes his Peen Wolf in bleacher celebration scene 
  • Offender(s): countless gullible morons on the world wide web 
  • Enablers: Family Guy, KFAN FM 100.3 
  • Punishment: a lifetime sentence of watching former U.S. Vice President Cheney's C-Span interview on a loop since they really want to see a dick
There are a lot of lemmings in this world. By that, I mean there are a lot of people who will take the word of a cartoon character as gospel and follow it over the edge of a cliff.  I'm referring to The Family Guy episode, Something, Something Darkside in which the Yoda character says "there was a guy in the end in the back of the stands with his dick out". This is in reference to a popular myth about the movie, Teen Wolf. Those who bask in ignorance love to point out that there's a male extra in one scene of the film where he exposes his penis. Some even say that he masturbates. None of it is true.

I've got news for Family Guy fanatics. IT'S A FICTIONAL TV SHOW! Not to mention a cartoon one at that. It's not meant to be taken at face value, sheeple. When the Yoda character utters that line, it's art imitating life. In other words, Family Guy is just mocking how these absurd rumours get started and spread around recklessly from one dolt to another.

You may be wondering how I know that this is a myth. Perhaps it's because a peen is nowhere to be seen. This might have to do with the fact that the movie extra in question is a girl, not a guy, so subtract one penis. Why are her pants unbuttoned and her zipper down? That I can't answer. What I can say is that the young blonde-haired woman seems to be caught off guard and quickly tries to zip up, realizing her white panties are visible but nothing more.

    Here she is in another brief shot of the crowd in the lower left corner. Notice that she is the only one wearing a red sweater. She's not on screen very long so you might have to pause the video at 2:30.

    Adding to the confusion is this audio interview of a man claiming to be Kris Hagerty, the movie extra in question who was caught with his pants down, so to speak. IMDb does list an actor by that name credited as Fan #2 in Teen Wolf. The problem with that is a woman named Kristina Hagerty claims that she is the one and only Kris Hagerty that appeared in the film. In fact, she goes so far as to demand a retraction from The Power Trip Morning Show by posting a comment at the bottom of the page. She writes, "I would like a retraction that it is NOT who he claimed he was" and mentions she can be contacted on her Facebook page. There is no reply to her comments so it appears her request was ignored. She even tries to set the record straight in reply to one commenter on a YouTube video titled Teen Wolf Exposure.

    Listen to the impostor's interview, below.

    Either the radio station's interviewers got catfished or they are trying to pull a hoax of their own.

    Attempts to contact the station for a comment were made but did not receive a reply.

    An attempt was also made to contact Kristina Hagerty to set up an e-mail interview but this request also did not receive a reply.

    I hope this finally puts this ri-dickless rumour to rest. Oh, and quit using Family Guy as a news source. You only look dumber than Peter Griffin when you do so.

    Let me know what you think of the rumour. Were you one of the gullible fools or did you know better? Leave a comment.

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    1. This is the Kristina Hagerty who did request a retraction as mentioned above. I am also the genuine Kris (the name I went by then) Hagerty that appeared in the film Teen Wolf and was in multiple scenes. I had actually became friends with Michael J Fox during filming, as well as all the crew. I am very much female, at least last time I checked. One scene I am also in is the T-shirt scene, I am buying a shirt from Stiles (Jerry Levine). Another scene I am in, I'm in the bleachers during one of the early basketball games. I am sitting next to Lorie Griffin who played Pamela. I am in a lot of scenes as background. Michael J Fox had actually given me the line in the movie which was unfortunately cut out.

      Unfortunately, the statement above;
      >>An attempt was also made to contact Kristina Hagerty to set up an e-mail interview but this request also did not receive a reply.<<

      I did NOT receive any such email request or I definitely would have replied to set this record straight. So it would appear the 'the Power Trip morning show' did get catfished. The joke was on them for sure and just shows they do not done their research.

    2. Thank you very much Kristina, for your detailed reply.

      I should clarify that the attempt made to contact you was by me and not the radio station. I had sent you a message to your YouTube account in the hope to interview you for this article but never heard back from you. I didn't know of any other way to try to get in touch with you. If you go to your account and click on "Discussion" you'll see my message was sent a year ago to

      For the record, I'm on your side since you actually took the time to answer, unlike Power Trip KFAN.

      If you would still be interested in doing an interview on the subject or think of anything else to share, please contact me through this blog.

      Thanks again.

    3. your email entitled 'teen wolf fan' sent 6 months ago? If not, then there is nothing there.

    4. Yes, I would still be interested. Since the guy they 'interviewed' claimed to be me. I suppose they didn't count on the REAL Kris Hagerty to appear and put a kink in their bogus claim. Its upsetting because of how involved I was behind the scenes in helping out with little things in the film.
      If that email on my YouTube account was indeed you. Reply and I will give you my contact info that will be easier.

      Thanks for wanting to set the record straight.

      I can't find that original article from that show now. Did they delete it?

    5. No, I didn't send an actual e-mail. I wrote a message 1 year ago on your Discussion page of your YouTube account sent from my YT account. I just checked and it's still there at this link

    6. OK, Kristina. If you send me your contact info, we can discuss about setting something up.

      Oh, and it does look like Power Trip KFAN has indeed removed the original article linked in my post. Even performing a search on "Teen Wolf" on their website does not bring up the story. If they were trying to sweep it under the rug, you'd think they would remove the audio interview also.

    7. Finally got it!!! Sorry not familiar with YouTube's capabilities. I replied.

    8. Can you click on the "contact me" button on the upper right of this page to send me your contact info? I'd prefer not to publish my e-mail to avoid spam.

    9. So is there a dick or not? I only heard about this from listening to Kevin and Bean on KROQ in LA and they had a guy promoting an event where they have fringe celebrities reading the Teen Wolf script in front of an audience, and he mentioned a flasher at the end that you can prominently see pull his penis out and walk up and down the bleachers. I just googled it and pretty much got nothing but this dispelling the fake story. Too bad, I've been looking forward to googling this penis for weeks or months, and finally got around to it today.



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