Friday, December 30, 2016

'Movie Vigilante' Now on Vidme

Vidme logo
Vidme logo
Movie Vigilante can now be found on a third video hosting service.

Besides YouTube and Vimeo, MV is now on Vidme also.

According to its Twitter description, Vidme's mission is to build the world's most creator-friendly video community. It is also aiming to provide "a simple watching experience, without ads and the other bullshit you find on many video sites."

How to upload videos 

If you want to migrate your videos from another platform over to Vidme, you can either upload the video files directly to its platform or you can simply paste the url where the video is being hosted into the appropriate text field to have it appear on your channel.

Tips & Verified Channels

As of now, videos on Vidme are not monetized but verified channels are eligible to accept monetary tips from supporters. You must meet certain, reasonable requirements for your channel to qualify.

The website does say that it is working on other ways to monetize creators' videos "including ad revenue sharing, licensing, fan rewards and daily prizes."

With a verified channel, there are less restrictions for uploads. Once your channel is verified, you are able to upload longer videos and also in 1080p HD.

Embedding Videos

As with other video hosting platforms, Vidme allows anyone to embed a video on a blog or website, whether its a video you uploaded yourself or one that another creator uploaded. You can adjust the video's size by editing the dimensions in the HTML code. Once you have done that it's simply a matter of copying and pasting the code to the appropriate place on your blog.

Below is an example of how an embedded Vidme video appears.

You can follow Movie Vigilante's Vidme channel by clicking on the button below.

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