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The Running Tunnel

Film Junk Presents...'The Running Tunnel' from Jay Cheel on Vimeo.

'The Running Tunnel' tells the tale of a sad group of friends whose lack luster Halloween party forces them to entertain themselves by retelling the tale of the running tunnel. Little did they know, IT WOULD CHANGE THEM FOREVER. Visit for more videos.
Light at the end of a tunnel
The Running Tunnel

The Culprits
Jay Cheel...director
Reed Farrington...Gerry
Greg Gaspari... Greg
Sean Dwyer...Danny Richmond
Roman Pizzacalla...Roman
Matt Riamondo...Matt
Angela Klassen...Party Girl #1

Gerry: The Star Trek fan

What happens when a group of friends has some time to kill and one of them happens to be a movie director? They make a silly short video, of course!

Director Jay Cheel and a few of his friends decided that shooting a short, spooky story would make a great Halloween treat to the regular listeners of the Film Junk podcast which Cheel, Sean Dwyer and Greg Gaspari co-host.

Matt Riamondo
Matt: The Giggler

The Running Tunnel is an homage to movies like The Ring where something evil happens to someone seven days after a particular experience. In The Ring, it was watching a videotape. In this case, a person is cursed when running through a short tunnel whereupon the victim is visited by a ghoulish harbinger after seven days, who delivers him to his or her fate.

Roman Pizzacalla
Roman: The Runner
This is an enjoyable little Halloween video and not meant to be taken seriously. Heck, even some of the bloopers are left in. For that reason, it's hard to beat these guys up for their efforts since none of them are pros with the exception of Cheel and this was intended simply to be a "weekend" project.

Cheel's talents as a director are evident, even here. The choices for lighting, camera angles and closeups all look great. Reed Farrington (aka Gerry) who is a familiar face in several of Cheel's projects, once again makes an appearance here and doesn't disappoint with his quirky nature and Shatner-like delivery.

Greg Gaspari
Greg: The Starship fan
Greg turns out to be the best actor of the bunch showing he's perfectly willing to commit to his role and character. His singing along to a Starship song when we don't actually hear the band, is priceless.

I'm not sure what became of Angela Klassen, who's listed in the opening and closing credits as Party Girl #1. Whether her scenes were cut from the movie or even shot at all, there's no sign of any girl in this video, which is a shame because the party is a real sausage fest! You'd think this was John Carpenter's The Thing.
Sean Dwyer
Sean: The Mask

Also note that Roman Pizzacalla's last name is misspelled in the closing credits and Sean Dwyer is credited as playing Danny Richmond even though his character's name is never mentioned. Inside joke, I guess.

Happy Halloween!

Jay Cheel, Sean Dwyer, Greg Gaspari and Reed Farrington discuss J.J. Abrams' Star Trek from 2009.

Documentary trailer for Beauty Day, Jay Cheel's first full length feature film.

Reed Farrington auditions for Jay Cheel's next movie.

How to Build a Time Machine - Reed Farrington Audition Tape from Jay Cheel on Vimeo.

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