Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Teenagers Battle The Thing and Thirst

In Teenagers Battle The Thing, a group of teenagers is stalked by a prehistoric creature hidden amongst the trees of an orange grove.

In one scene, while relaxing in the cabin where they're staying, Johnny exclaims, "Boy, I sure could go for a bottle of pop!"

When Johnny decides to walk to the country store with Sharon to quench his thirst, Bob casually mentions to him, "By the way, you can bring me back a bottle of orange pop, if you want."

"Where's the dime?" Johnny asks. "Come on, dig it out!"

Bob reluctantly digs in his pocket and hands ten cents to Johnny.

"And three cents deposit!" Johnny exclaims. "Unless you want me to have to drink it there."

Annoyed, Bob begrudgingly hands over an additional three cents. Almost under his breath and apparently oblivious to his own penny-pinching, Bob ironically mutters about Johnny, "Some people are natural-born tightwads."

This scene is what inspired me to design a movie poster with an orange background, in reference to the groves and pop.

I also thought of an appropriate tagline; It Could Pop Out of Nowhere.

Teenagers Battle The Thing Poster
Teenagers Battle The Thing Poster by MovieViewerMan
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