Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Teen Wolf Director's Commentary - Rod Daniel (1942-2016)

I was surprised and saddened to learn that Teen Wolf director Rod Daniel died April 16, 2016. I had not heard of this bad news until today. Apparently he died of complications from Parkinson's disease, which is the same disease from which Teen Wolf star Michael J. Fox suffers.

Daniel had retired as a movie director and became a photographer.

Something else I didn't realize is that Daniel's two sons coaxed him into recording a commentary track for Teen Wolf. You can listen to it and download it by clicking the link below. You'll have to have your own copy of the movie to watch while you listen. You can still listen to the commentary without simultaneously watching the film. However, there are several, very long stretches of silence that will make it a bit boring without the movie playing.

Incidentally, Daniel does talk briefly about the exposed extra in Teen Wolf whom some viewers think was a man but evidence clearly shows it was a female extra. I don't know how closely Daniel examined the scene though, since he mentions a guy at the end mooning the camera. I guess he and I have a different definition of mooning.

Teen Wolf Director's Commentary 

Hit play on the mp3 file right when you see the MGM Lion fade out in the opening of the movie.

Teen Wolf has always been a childhood favourite of mine and I've watched it countless times.

Thanks, Rod. Rest in peace.

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