Saturday, November 12, 2016

Patreon, Patrons and Perks

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Movie Vigilante is now on Patreon!

Patreon is a service which allows anyone to become a patron of someone whose work they enjoy and would like to support.

Patrons pledge an amount of money per month by choosing one of the tiers set up by the Patreon creator. The amount per month varies per tier along with the perks that the patrons receive in return.

If after you pledge whatever amount, you find your financial situation has changed, you can pledge a lower amount or cancel your pledge altogether at any time.

As a B-movie enthusiast and the Movie Vigilante, I enjoy taking public domain movies into my own hands and transforming them into something completely different and humourous. I've made quite a few videos that poke fun at various films and enjoy doing them even though they are time-consuming. One example is a video I edited together called Manhunt: The Search for Castmates, which is a mockumentary of a documentary of a cult horror movie. Although it was only 12 minutes long, it took longer to make than I anticipated. This was partly due to the research involved that I had to do but mostly it was the editing that consumed most of my time. It was worth it in the end though and and it even received some nice words from Jacky Neyman Jones.

If you enjoy my videos or blog interviews and would like to encourage me to make more of them, consider becoming a patron.

Currently, I'm working on another movie which will be called Curse of Fate. I will be using two public domain movies considered to be among the worst films of all time and mashing them together, with the audio from one matched up to the video of the other. The goal is to create a humourous movie about 20-25 minutes in length that is no worse than the two movies used to create it.

What are the two movies, you ask?

They are Manos: The Hands of Fate and Curse of Bigfoot. I'll be using audio from the former and inserting it into the latter. I'll also be adding some humourous sound effects.

I'll be designing a movie poster too that will be available for sale.

All Patreon patrons will have their names listed in the credits as one of the perks. Patrons will also get video updates of the movies progress.

I'm open to suggestions for other rewards I can offer so feel free to post them in the comments.

If you are still unsure about how Patreon works, this video will shed some light on the subject. Note that the video only mentions pledging per project but Patreon also allows pledging per month.
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