Wednesday, May 10, 2017

'Curse of Fate' Horror Movie Spoof Campaign

Curse of Fate  is a proposed hybrid horror movie spoof that I have been working on for a while. The concept consists of using footage from Curse of Bigfoot and adding the dialogue, music and sound effects from Manos: The Hands of Fate, to it. The goal is to combine two bad, B-movies into one new one, spoofing both in one shot. I would then upload it to YouTube, available to watch for free.

The idea came to me when I found out that Jackey Neyman Jones appears briefly in a classroom scene in Curse of Bigfoot. Jackey also plays Debbie, the little girl in Manos. This means she is in two of the worst movies of all time. Previously, I put together a short mockumentary spoofing a documentary about Manos that received some nice comments, including one from Jackey. This inspired me and as a result Curse of Fate was born.

The work-in-progress movie will be over thirty minutes long and will include the screen title seen in the campaign video and credits at the end. In between, I will try my best to make a cohesive B-movie that tries to be good but is bad in a funny way. That means I will try to match up the dialogue from Manos as best I can to scenes from Curse of Bigfoot while still having it make sense, if that's even possible. I have edited about ten minutes of CoF and you'd be surprised how similar both movies are. It's uncanny.

Editing is a very slow and laborious process however. It is very time-consuming clipping movie scenes, then capturing audio clips and then trying to sync them up to tell a story. I work on it when I can but constantly have to put it on the back burner because I have other work that takes priority. Because of this, it's hard to estimate when I will finish CoF.

However, there is a way that you can help me keep this project on the front burner, if you would like to see the finished product sooner rather than later.

Anyone who buys official CoF merchandise will qualify to have their name in the end credits as a Thank You. It can be your real name, a nickname or even a user name. Nothing vulgar or racist, please. You will have to contact me to let me know what name you want to appear in the credits. Obviously you won't see your credit until the finished movie is uploaded to YouTube but in the meantime you'll have some sweet swag to show off.

You have a wide variety of merchandise from which to choose. Any purchase qualifies you regardless of price.

Official T-shirts are available in my Teespring store. Most other products will be available in my Zazzle store.

Teespring t-shirts
T-shirts from Teespring featuring Curse of Fate movie poster design

Products available in the Zazzle store include movie posters (main and alternate), stickers (including retro VHS design), coffee mugs, hats, jigsaw puzzles, temporary tattoos, flasks, neckties and more. I will probably be adding more products from time to time so bookmark the link and visit periodically.

I really hope this interests some of you and would really appreciate it if you could help me finish my bad B-movie spoof. 

grey t-shirt from Teespring
Curse of Fate grey t-shirt from Teespring

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