Thursday, February 15, 2018

B-Movie my Valentine: When Your Significant Other is a B-Movie Lover

Belated Valentine's Day


For the B-movie Lover in Your Life

If you're a day late and a Valentine short, you can dedicate this Valentine poem I wrote along with a classic B-movie monster I drew, to your significant other. Simply include a link to it in an email or text to them. It's a great Valentine for the B-movie lover in your life.

The monster is from the 1956 horror movie, It Conquered the World, starring Peter Graves, Lee Van Cleef, Beverly Garland, Sally Fraser and B-movie staple, Dick Miller.

It was produced and directed by Roger Corman who is arguably the king of B-movies. When you see his name in the credits, you know exactly what to expect. What I expect is a cheesy, bad movie that is also fun and entertaining and that is certainly what we get with this film.

The strange-looking alien creature hails from Venus and tries to enslave the human race, using mind control. It's hard to take an alien seriously when it looks like an overgrown vegetable but those large pincers look menacing.

B-movie monsterSpoiler Alert 


Although the alien is impervious to bullets fired from all types of guns, it's weakness turns out to be fire, specifically fire directed directly into its eye via a simple blowtorch wielded by Van Cleef. If this was a Schwarzenegger  film, he would have said to the dead alien, "You're fired."


It Conquered Your Heart
I live in a cave
I have giant claws
I'll conquer your world
Despite all my flaws

Be my Valentine

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