Friday, May 17, 2013

Manos: The Game of Fate

Manos Mania continues to sweep the nation and the latest to hop on the bandwagon is Freakzone Games with its retro-style video game based on the movie Manos: The Hands of Fate.

In it, you play as the character of Mike, husband and father of Margret and Debbie who along with their dog Pepe are lost on vacation. Mike must search for Valley Lodge so that he and his family have somewhere to stay. Along the way, he encounters strange creatures and must battle Bosses at the end of each level.

The game is a typical side-scrolling adventure that was the norm during the eighties. It's also extremely difficult as was the case also with classic 8-bit games. I purchased the PC version and found it impossible to get by the boss in stage 2. To be fair, I am using my keyboard for the controls and I think I would have a much easier time if I was using a USB NES controller. I get too mixed up using a keyboard. I'm also not what you would call a gamer. Even in my youth I was a casual player at best.  More serious gamers might have more success than I have so far. I do plan on buying a proper controller and having a real crack at this game. The weapon you start out with is a revolver which you can replace with a shotgun however it is extremely difficult to hang on to it. Once you are hit by an object or creature (which I have trouble avoiding), the shotgun reverts back to a revolver.

Since I haven't managed to get very far, I can't very well give a complete review of this game. Have a look at the gameplay trailer for a better idea.

Wait a damned minute! Did I just see a bird as big as a battleship in that video clip? I did! I did! It's The Giant Claw. What the hell is that doing in a game based on Manos: THOF?

You may have noticed other creatures and scenes from other bad movies in this game. That's because the creator chose to use the game as a tribute to several of the films featured on MST3K, not just Manos. Keep an eye open for tributes to characters from that popular TV show as well.

In addition to The Giant Claw, other movies that are paid tribute are The Killer Shrews, Robot Monster, The Screaming Skull, The Crawling Hand and Hobgoblins. There may be others I am unaware of so let me know if you find more.

Listen to an interview with the video game's creator, Sam Beddoes of Freakzone Games.

What would little Debbie think of this game? Find out for yourself and listen to guest commentary by Jackey Raye Neyman as she watches live gameplay of the interviewer from above.

Here is a review of the game for iPhone and iPad

If you find yourself getting stuck at any point, here is a complete playthrough of the PC version to show you what you might be doing wrong.

If you are looking for a challenge, this game just might be what you are looking for. I think The Master would approve.

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