Thursday, April 17, 2014

Excavating E.T. The Extra-Terrible Video Game

video game cover art
E.T. video game cover art
It may not garner as much interest as the search for Jimmy Hoffa but in the gaming world, this is one of the biggest unsolved mysteries. We could really use Robert Stack right now.

However, even without Stack, this is one case that might be cracked.

Xbox Entertainment Studios, Fuel Entertainment and LightBox Entertainment are working together to unearth an urban legend and turn it into a documentary in the process.

On April 26, 2014, digging will commence at Alamogordo Landfill in an effort to salvage the remains of what is considered to be the worst video game ever released. That infamous game is the ill-conceived E.T. which stands for Extra-Terrestrial, not Excruciatingly-Terrible. It shares its title and character with the classic Steven Spielberg film but almost nothing else.

The game was such a colossal failure that millions of unsold cartridges were rumoured to have been buried in a New Mexico landfill in 1983. Looking at the video game's graphics, it's easy to see why.

The filmmakers have extended an invitation to the public to attend. Whether the game cartridges were really buried there, remains to be seen. Even if they were, there's a good chance they were ground into tiny pieces.

Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie

The legend has grown so much over the years that it is part of the plot of an upcoming movie based on the Angry Video Game Nerd YouTube character.

Television Commercial

This commercial shows what gamers were in store for and yet it still sold 1.5 million copies. Did they not notice the horrible graphics and gameplay? Any kid who watched this and still wanted this game was obviously watching the TV with rose-coloured glasses.

Music Video by Wintergreen

The band, Wintergreen decided to incorporate the urban legend into one of its music videos.

E.T. Movie Trailer

Some movie stars get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame or their footprints in cement. E.T. got a crappy video game made in his honour. Is that any way to treat a star of his stature?

No wonder he wanted to go home.

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