Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Cyclops" the Big Bus

When I see something like this...

It reminds me of this.

OK, so one is a real-life RV and the other is an over-sized movie prop but I think maybe the makers of the eleMMent Palazzo were inspired by "Cyclops" from The Big Bus. I think if you read on, you'll agree, there are too many similarities to be coincidence.

  • the bus is nicknamed "Cyclops" because of a single large headlight prominent at the front
  • the RV has a large circular windshield, resembling an eye 
  • the bus "breaks the wind barrier" breaking wind at over 90 mph
  • the RV is capable of a speed of 93 mph
  • the bus has a piano lounge
  • the RV has a lounge with a fireplace
  • the bus has an observation dome
  • the RV has a pop-up terrace
  • the bus travels non-stop from New York to Denver
  • the RV could probably do the same excluding the non-stop part
  • The bus cost $500,000 in 1975 which converts today to $2,164,916.36 
  • The RV is priced at approximately $3,000,000.00 

Marchi Mobile - eleMMent Palazzo from A.C. Rotwang on Vimeo.
JamesList luxury hunter visits Marchi Mobile

Although the RV is fully loaded, it's still missing many of the things The Big Bus had. The bus had a bowling alley, swimming pool, self-changing tires and the flags of all nations.

Big Bus poster, movie
The Big Bus (1976)

Most of us will never be able to afford that RV so why not enjoy watching The Big Bus on YouTube instead and imagine the same problems happening to the RV. Have a look at the trailer to help you decide. By the way Paramount, don't be stingy and upload some high quality trailers.

The Big Bus was an underrated comedy that spoofed disaster movies four years earlier than Airplane! It had a lot of familiar faces and names but not really what you would consider big stars. Some of the more well known actors in it are Larry Hagman, Stockard Channing, Howard Hesseman, Ned Beatty and Ruth Gordon.

It's got almost as many quotable lines as Airplane! including, "You eat one lousy foot and they call you a cannibal. What a world!"

Another good one is "Look out! He's got a broken milk carton!"

You might be wondering if "Cyclops" still exists. Sadly, it seems it was scrapped not long after the release of the film. However, some creative individual designed a 3D model so if you ever wanted to build one of your own, you could use that for reference.

Somebody else decided to make their own version of Cyclops, built out of Lego blocks.

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