Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Reptilicus Day

Reptilicus for the Rest of Us! Reptilicus Day!

If you haven't heard of this holiday it's because I just made it up, much like Frank Costanza made up Festivus on an episode of Seinfeld.

The idea came to me when I grew bored of the endless string of bloated, boring, blockbuster movies that have saturated theaters in recent years. I wanted something that celebrates the joy of watching a cheesy, B-movie no matter how bad it may be.

A New Holiday is Born

Reptilicus Day is a celebration of all B-movies, not just for its namesake.

Reptilicus Trailer

Friday, February 16, 2018

Creative Commons Video Clip

Simulated Film Leader (Torn Sprockets)


I created a simulated film leader video a few years ago and uploaded it to YouTube. It got quite a few views and also resulted in several people asking me if they could use it in their own videos. I would always give them permission as long as they credited me.

Use this video clip in your own video


What I really enjoyed was when creators would send me a link to their videos showing me how they used my short clip. I would love to see DTube creators do the same by making use of my Film Leader video in some way and then sending me a link to the published video.


Creative Commons License


If you would like to create your own video using my Film Leader animation, follow the instructions on Steemit.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

B-Movie my Valentine: When Your Significant Other is a B-Movie Lover

Belated Valentine's Day


For the B-movie Lover in Your Life

If you're a day late and a Valentine short, you can dedicate this Valentine poem I wrote along with a classic B-movie monster I drew, to your significant other. Simply include a link to it in an email or text to them. It's a great Valentine for the B-movie lover in your life.

The monster is from the 1956 horror movie, It Conquered the World, starring Peter Graves, Lee Van Cleef, Beverly Garland, Sally Fraser and B-movie staple, Dick Miller.

It was produced and directed by Roger Corman who is arguably the king of B-movies. When you see his name in the credits, you know exactly what to expect. What I expect is a cheesy, bad movie that is also fun and entertaining and that is certainly what we get with this film.

The strange-looking alien creature hails from Venus and tries to enslave the human race, using mind control. It's hard to take an alien seriously when it looks like an overgrown vegetable but those large pincers look menacing.

B-movie monsterSpoiler Alert 


Although the alien is impervious to bullets fired from all types of guns, it's weakness turns out to be fire, specifically fire directed directly into its eye via a simple blowtorch wielded by Van Cleef. If this was a Schwarzenegger  film, he would have said to the dead alien, "You're fired."


It Conquered Your Heart
I live in a cave
I have giant claws
I'll conquer your world
Despite all my flaws

Be my Valentine

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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Finally Comments System

Speech Bubbles


Finally! A Comment System with Rewards

I'm testing out a new comments system for and it's called Finally as in "Finally, a comments system that rewards authors."

According to

Finally is an evolution of Steemcomments.js and at its core uses the Steem blockchain to provide posting and curation rewards to its users. Similar to other popular plug and play comment systems Finally requires only a single html tag while our javascript library & backend system take care of the rest.
Finally uses Steemconnect authentication to allow users to post comments and upvotes directly from anywhere Finally is embedded. Once authenticated with Finally, users will not have to log in again when visiting other sites that also use Finally.
If all goes according to plan, the comments you see on this post will be seen simultaneously on Steemit.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

We Love to Use the Telephone (standard version) Music Video

Song by Weird Paul

This is a music video I created using public domain film footage of people using old telephones while the song We Love to Use the Telephone plays. I got permission from Weird Paul, the song's writer and performer, to use it. This is actually the second video I've created for this song. The first video used an extended version of the song which was actually my own edit of the song.

See if you can spot the famous movie star that appears three times throughout the video.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Oh, Christmas Tree!

If you haven't already done it, it's time to go up in the attic or down in the basement and haul out the decorations for your Christmas tree. Hopefully your lights aren't tangled up in a large ball like Clark Griswold had to deal with.

Once you do finally have the tree decorated, it's a nice occasion to watch young kids' and babies' faces light up as much as the lights on the tree, when you turn them on for the first time.

The best part of Christmas is gathering around the tree on Christmas morning and watching family members opening the presents that Santa Claus has left them.

If you're a good boy or girl, maybe Santa will bring you a puppy too. When puppies leave you a present, it's not good but when somebody leaves you a puppy as a present, it's the best.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Actors Love to Use the Telephone (Contest)


Name the B-Movies

Identify the 13 B-movies included in this video in which characters are talking on the phone, to win.

Note: One of the 13 movies does not depict any characters using a phone but rather talking about a telephone.

Not all the film clips are from movies. There are clips inserted from instructional or educational films as well. You do not have to identify these. You only need to name the 13 feature films. It's up to you to distinguish which is which. Some movies appear more than once but you only need to include the title once and you do not have to name them in the order they appear in the video.

The winner will be the first person to correctly name all 13 movies at which point the contest will end immediately. If nobody can name all 13 film titles, the winner will be the first one who names 12 titles before the deadline. If nobody can name 12, then the first to guess 11 will win and so on and so on.

The level of difficulty ranges from easy to extremely difficult. Some titles will be obvious to B-movie buffs but a few will challenge even the most serious film fanatic of obscure cinema.

Are you up to the challenge?

Monday, November 06, 2017

How to embed a DTube video on a blog or website

If you upload videos to DTube, you may have noticed that when it automatically gets posted to your Steemit blog, the video is not embedded in the post. Instead, it only shows the video's thumbnail image with a link its DTube url located below it.Currently, Steemit doesn't seem to support embedding DTube videos.

However, if you are looking for a way to embed your DTube videos on a blog or website, I found there is a way to do that, thanks to @HomeBrew4Less.

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